The business traveler's guide to travel comfortably

The business traveler's guide to travel comfortably

If you are a frequent business traveler, you know the challenges of returning to a new city every week. Comfort can be missing when you're on your way to sleeping on the scratchy bed or trying to make the hotel room iron work. Need to travel comfortably be so much work? Not if you know what to look for, products for frequent travelers are available almost everywhere to help you with your home along the way.


One of the biggest difficulties facing ordinary business travelers is the ability to sleep. Sleeping in unfamiliar beds with uncomfortable pillows and handling jet lag and time zone changes can really throw off your internal clock. If you find that you can not sleep on the road, try a sleep mask. These useful little masks can really be useful if your hotel room is just not dark enough, or if you need a nap on the day to refresh yourself before an important business conference.

You'll find face masks as easy as a contoured blindfold, to the more advanced voltage relay models with gel inserts that are cool or hot depending on your requirements. Some eye masks also have mild massage, but you pay exponentially more for the functionality. But they are worth the investment if you experience frequent sinus problems due to travel.

If the uncomfortable sound of the road comes to you, consider a compact white-noise machine. You can carry it with you and choose from several preset sounds so you can die off to the same relaxing toner every night, no matter where you fall asleep. Alternatively, you can download relaxing music to an MP3 player with dock to lean to rest.

Flights Accessories

If you travel frequently by plane, it's worth investing in some must have accessories to make the trip more comfortable. First look at the pillows. U-shaped neck pads wrap around the neck and make it easier to relax in the sitting position. If you have problems with your back, consider placing a lumbar back on your neck pillow to make long flights easier.

Secondly, you invest in a good pair of headphones with noise interruptions. This may be your most expensive accessory, but if you fly often, sound-breaking headphones are worth every penny. Most air travelers underestimate the load of one's quiet engine noise during the long hours of a flight. A good pair of sound-absorbing headphones dramatically reduces engine noise and hence air stresses. If you are often in trouble sleeping, you may find that sound-absorbing headphones in combination with a good eye mask will remedy the insomnia of the flight.

Clothing Care Accessories

When traveling for business, it is important for your closet's condition. If you find that you never have enough hangers, bring your inflatable or folding hanger that saves space in your luggage. Pack an iron - they are more reliable than a hotel room iron. For an additional level of wardrobe maintenance, consider a travel clothes steamer. If you have a high-end wardrobe containing polyester or silk shirts that inevitably end up wrinkled, a clothes steamer is a valuable investment.

For maximum wardrobe description on the road, use a wash cleaner and a backpack brush. You never know when to play anything on your high-powered suit before a big meeting or run into a quaint little bookstore complete with cat to put your coat over your entire dress.

Travel Must Haves

Always bring your own travel alarm clock. Do not trust alarm clocks that may be unreliable or difficult to set. Wake-up calls are more reliable than hotel alarm clocks, but they do not provide the convenience you get with your own alarm clock. If you need to style your hair during a business trip, remember to bring a hair dryer. As with hotel iron, hotel hairdryers are unreliable at best and absent at worst.

For people with asthma or pet allergies, consider a travel ion air purifier. Even though smoking is not allowed in a hotel, a former smoker can still leave traces of smoke in the air. If your hotel has a pet policy and you have pet allergies, an ionic air purifier can mean the difference between a comfortable night's sleep and to stay up all night with stick sinuses and puffy eyes.

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